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At VIPSKIES, we strongly believe that every single trip is different, same as each passenger. We are bringing a whole different approach to planning your travel, combining the love for the industry and passion with the knowledge that helps us tailor every single inquiry to your specific tastes and desires.

We’ve got a wide range of services and products, so whether it is an airline ticket, a hotel booking or a tour package, we are here to help you 24/7. It is not just about the destination for us, but also about the whole experience, the stories you heard, places you visited, and building connections that last for a lifetime.

Business Class Flight Deals to Europe

Europe is a destination which can be considered as a treasure trove for travelers. You can discover anything here, from old history, different cultures, stunning nature views, sunny beaches and more. Engaging into a trip to any of the European countries, specifically on a business class flight, be it Austria, or Switzerland, Portugal or , is an important decision as it will determine the comfort and safety of your whole trip. Our team is here to ensure that you will get the cheapest, and best business class fares on top airlines like Air France, United Airline, British Airways and many others.

The carriers will help you start your adventure providing the best business class experience with lie-flat seats, lounge access, onboard privacy, and various amenities in order to make sure that the passengers will take advantage of all the features available. These airlines offer a lot of routes to fit your plans, making sure that everyone will explore Europe safely and comfortably.

Reasons to Choose Business Class to Europe

Choosing a business class flight to Europe has a couple of great perks which will boost your overall experience right from the beginning of your journey. The main difference between coach and premium cabins is the superior comfort provided by fully reclinable seats that can turn into beds, making sure that you get a good night's sleep on your way to Europe. The extra legroom and personal private space allow you to stretch out as much as you need with no limitations whatsoever. Take advantage of a wide choice of movies, TV shows, music and interactive games offered on personal screens during the flight. If you want to truly embrace the whole business class experience, you also have the noise-cancelling headphones, therefore you are able to immerse yourself fully into the luxury of your travel.

Another feature of choosing a business cabin flight, is the priority services that make you navigate through the airport and aircraft itself, much easier and smoother. Even in the biggest airports like New York JFK or Newark EWR, or even Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, you have features like priority check-in and Global Entry Lines. Before boarding your flight, you have the opportunity to relax within the airport lounges which are quiet, comfortable spaces placed away from the main terminals. You can take advantage of the free snacks and beverages, free Wi-Fi and in some airports, you have spa services, showers, and sleeping rooms.

Best Airlines to Fly Business Class to Europe

Selecting your best airline for a specific travel is a difficult decision, as you have to take into consideration the aircraft type, configuration and layout, in-flight amenities and services, and most importantly the business class seat quality. All these criteria vary from one carrier to another. For example if we take Lufthansa, one of the best airline in the world which operates flight to almost any major city in Europe, their aircrafts are mostly equipped with the previous generation type of business cabin, same as British Airways. On the other hand however, if you take a flight on Swiss or Air France, you will find more options to choose from new aircrafts such as Boeing 777 and 787 aircrafts.

If you are an amateur of exquisite cuisine and dining experience, you may choose Turkish Airlines or Qatar Airways, with their Middle East meals and elegant approach towards their passengers. For passengers which like the attention to detail, you may opt for a Virgin Atlantic flight, enjoying a magnificent experience starting from the airport lounge and ending with the onboard experience, their elegant seats designed with their own trademark color palette of red candy apple. In the end, it all comes out to subjective preferences, however almost all major airline provide an amazing journey which will for sure leave unforgettable memories.

Top Business Class Destinations in Europe

When considering top destinations in Europe, the main focus has to be on the purpose of the trip you are planning and what specifically you would like to see when arriving at your chosen landing place. London, United Kingdom is one of the world's most important financial centers, therefore you might get bored or tired by the city's busyness and traffic load. However you can still enjoy anything from historic and modern attractions like The City of London, The West End, to river cruise on River Thames and amazing sightseeing on The London Eye.

on the other hand is the hub of art, fashion and gourmet dining. Germany is the key destination for business in Europe, accompanied by modern skyscrapers and German culture. Italy is a beautiful country full of old ruins, famous art, and delicious food. There are countless things to see here, from the big city of Rome, to the water-filled streets of Venice. It has pretty beaches, gentle hills, and big mountains, making it great for exploring, eating tasty dishes, and seeing lovely views.

When to Book Business Class Flights to Europe

Getting a good deal on business class tickets is all about when you book. Usually, booking 4-6 months early can get you a big discount. But, our agents can still work out a deal with the airline even less than 24 hours before the flight. Being flexible with your travel dates helps a lot too. Ticket prices go up during peak travel times, so traveling in the off-season can save you money.

Tips for Getting Cheap Flights to Europe

The key to getting the best prices to any destination in Europe, is to always stay alert to news, exclusive offers and deals. Our agency is able to keep track of specific routings and see how the rates fluctuate, therefore we can let you know when is the best time to secure your trip. Being flexible on dates, airlines and routing can also be a big advantage, since not always the desired carrier has the best availability.

Many airlines nowadays have the same amenities onboard, since they are using the same aircraft models, so before making a decision regarding your trip to Europe, you might consider comparing the aircraft types and the specific business cabins that you are taking. Sometimes you might find the exact same parameters and comfort, on an airline that you considered worse than another one, but which has a better price. In those cases, unless you are a frequent flyer with the more expensive airline, it would make perfect sense to choose the cheaper one, and get the exact same experience in terms of the seats, amenities and service.