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Fly Business Class with British Airways

British Airways, United Kingdom’s national carrier, was founded on the 25th of August, 1919 . Pridefully carrying the Union Flag worldwide, the airline has always strived to be ahead in both service and innovation, thus being one of the first airlines ever to introduce the flat-bed product on a commercial flight, initially branding it as Club World. Later on, with premium travel getting more and more popular and demanded than ever, the airline introduces its upgraded business class cabin, the Club Suites which is known as being one of the best products on the market to this day.

The complete transition from the older Club World seat to the brand new Club Suites was initially planned to be finalized till 2025, however due to COVID, the timeframe was increased till 2030, meaning that travelers, depending on the routing, can either encounter the slightly outdated Club World, or one of the most exquisite product on the market, the Club Suites.

Aside from the prestigious business class seats, travelers which are flying on British Airways, will surely notice the airline's service, infused with classically British elements such as midday scones with tea or beer, brewed specifically for this airline. Elements like this always make sure to enhance a traveler's experience and distinguish it from other airlines.

Passenger may earn miles (Avios) for the entire flight on BA, which afterwards, can be spent for booking tickets with the carrier or their partners like American Airlines or Qatar Airway, as well as souvenirs, amenities or anything else that is offered on their website, or within their terminals.

Airport Experience with British Airways Business Class

British Airways has its main hubs at London's Heathrow and Gatwick airports, making every flight go through London. This airline also has a smaller setup at London City, which mostly operates local flights within Europe.

Passengers which board the Club World cabin with British Airways get special check-in and faster security. Inside the airport, they can go to any of the One World lounges at Heathrow and Gatwick. These lounges have specially set-up bars and restaurants where you are able get soft drinks, cocktails or enjoy a nice meal before your next flight. Also, the lounges have places to help with your flight tickets, offer a big choice of magazines and newspapers, and even have computers/free Wi-Fi access in case you need some work done before taking off.

The lounges serve coffee from London and different kinds of Twinings Tea. If you're a Sapphire member in the One World airlines group, you can use these lounges no matter which part of the plane you're sitting in. The top members, called Emerald, can even use the fancier First Class lounges.

Whenever you're taking a British Airways business class flight on a long haul route into London Heathrow, you can go to the British Airways Arrivals Lounge. It's open from early morning until early afternoon. You can have breakfast, take a shower, or grab a coffee there. You can find it right after you pass through immigration and customs.

British Airways has its own lounges in other places around the world, like Johannesburg, New York JFK, Philadelphia, and Washington Dulles, and also in UK cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Manchester. These lounges are similar to the ones in London but might have fewer perks. In some lounges in North America, like Philadelphia and Washington Dulles, and the new one in New York JFK, you can have dinner before your flight so you can sleep as soon as the plane takes off. This is really helpful for short night flights to London.

In places where there's no British Airways lounge, Business Class passengers can use lounges run by other companies, usually those that are part of the oneworld airline group. For example, when leaving from Hong Kong, you can use the Cathay Pacific business class lounge, which has similar things to the British Airways lounges.

British Airways Business Class Cabin & Seat

When comparing the two business class products offered, there are clear differences in comfort, design and the overall flight itself. The older Club World seats, arranged in a 2-4-2 layout, are unique but not always convenient. In this setup, window seat travelers need to climb over the aisle seat ones to move around, which can be awkward, especially if the aisle passenger is asleep. These seats also alternate between facing forward and backward. Even though this design is great for couples who want to chat, it can be less comfortable for solo travelers. The seats are a bit outdated, shorter in length, and the TV screens are pull-out rather than touch screen, making them less user-friendly.

On the other hand, the newer Club Suites offer a more luxurious experience. They're laid out in a 1-2-1 configuration, providing more space and privacy. Every seat has direct aisle access, so there's no need to climb over other passengers. These suites face forward, have privacy screens, and built-in touch screen TVs. They also boast longer beds and more storage space, enhancing the overall luxury feel.

The Club Suites are equipped with a sliding door for added privacy, resembling not just a business class, but even a first-class experience. They're divided into two cabins, with a larger section and a smaller, more intimate cabin. These suites are available on British Airways' newer aircraft like the Airbus A350-1000s and some Boeing 787s and 777s. However, not all planes have these suites yet, especially the older ones based at Gatwick Airport.

It's important to note that not all business class tickets allow for advance seat selection for free. This privilege is usually reserved for flexible fare buyers or those with elite status in the One World Alliance. Otherwise, seat assignment happens for free at check-in or against a fee if done in advance. For solo travelers, the backwards-facing window seats in the last row might be preferable for easier aisle access.

British Airways Business Class Cuisine

When it comes to the inflight dining experience, British excels in adding a touch of elegance and comfort. The service starts with menus, depicting each course, while also including the origins of many of the ingredients, adding the atmosphere of a luxury restaurant in the skies. Plates and glasses are set on linen-lined tables, and the use of carts is reduced in order to create a more quiet and personalized service experience.

Your meal starts with a selection of nuts and beverages, usually followed by a salad and appetizers. Before the main course, bread is served in a small silver basket, accompanied by a choice of butter and olive oil. The main dishes usually feature a variety of options like beef, lamb, chicken, fish or pasta. For dessert, you can either have something sweet or a fruit and cheese plate showcasing british ingredients. On some long haul flights, classic afternoon tea is available, showcasing elements of British culture. Additionally, menus might feature dishes inspired from the destination you are flying into, like Herb-grilled mahi-mahi or Caribbean routes.

British Airways Business Class Beverages

Once the passengers board and before a flight takes off, the crew welcomes passengers with a choice of Champagne, juice, or water. They also hand out printed menus that list the drinks available later on. The beer selection includes several options like BrewDog Speedbird 100 IPA, BrewDog JetStream, and the new BrewDog Speedbird OG (introduced in 2023), all made through a collaboration between BA and BrewDog specifically for the airline. The menu also features a wide variety of spirits, liqueurs, aperitifs, and several cocktail recipes. Ryan Reynolds, a famous actor, endorses Aviation American Gin, which passengers can enjoy on every flight. Additionally, there are non-alcoholic cocktails for a pleasant surprise, along with coffee from Union Coffee in London and a selection of teas from Twinings.

BA has a wine expert, Tim Jackson, who is in charge of selecting a new range of wines. He has added new options like Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir to the Club World service, along with other wines that reflect the airline's destinations, all introduced throughout 2023. The wine list usually includes two types of Champagne (Brut and Rosé), two white wines, two red wines, and a port. Before the main meal, passengers are offered an aperitif along with mixed nuts and their choice of drink. Flight attendants ensure drinks are topped up with each course, serving passengers as if they were in a restaurant, clearing away finished plates and bringing the next course at the right time. In Club World, each passenger receives a bottle of water, but they can request any drink from the full menu at any point during the flight.

British Airways Business Class Amenities

When flying business class on British Airways, passengers are provided with special amenity kits made by The White Company, which are a treat for travelers. These kits include items designed to enhance your comfort during the flight, such as moisturizing lip balm, nourishing hand lotion, soft socks perfect for staying cozy, eyeshades for blocking out light, dental kits for fresh breath, and a small pen for filling out any necessary forms or jotting down thoughts.

In addition to these handy kits, British Airways goes a step further in ensuring passenger comfort by offering luxurious bedding, also from The White Company. This includes thick blankets that feel like a warm hug, plush pillows for head support, and a mattress topper that adds an extra layer of comfort to your seat, transforming it into a cozy bed in the sky.

To refresh passengers before meals and ensure they feel rejuvenated, the airline hands out hot towels. This simple, yet effective gesture adds a touch of elegance to the flying experience. On routes to certain cities in Asia, Club World travelers are also provided with slippers, allowing them to feel more at home and comfortable during their flight.

Families flying with infants will appreciate the thoughtfulness of British Airways, as they offer the option to pre-reserve bassinets for long-haul flights. This ensures that the youngest passengers have a comfortable spot to rest. For children, the airline makes sure the flight is fun and engaging by offering a wide range of entertainment options, from cartoons that capture their imagination to youth-themed shows. They also receive special toys and gifts, making their travel experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Club Suite cabins, known for their added privacy and comfort, feature two lavatories stocked with luxurious White Company products, ensuring a refreshing and upscale bathroom experience. These facilities also include baby change stations, highlighting the airline's attention to detail and care for passengers with infants.

Adding to the overall experience, British Airways focuses on making the flight as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for all its passengers, from the youngest to the oldest, ensuring a pleasant journey from start to finish.