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Explore the world with VIPSKIES - your new adventure awaits!

Welcome to VIPSKIES, your gateway to exploring the world! Our agency focuses on giving you amazing travel experiences. Whether you want to visit beautiful beaches, exciting cities, quiet mountains, or secret spots, we're here to make your travel dreams happen.

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Our Core Values

At VIPSKIES, we believe in doing things differently. Our team is our biggest asset, and together, we bring a fresh perspective to the airline ticketing industry


Here at VIPSKIES, being honest and ethical is the most important to us. We are always striving to maintain a fair and transparent business. It is not about just following the rules, we will always be on the customer's side regardless of the problem that has occurred. Whether it is a discussion with our clients, partners or internally within our team, we're working hard to be clear and genuine in everything we do.


Innovation is the lifeblood of VIPSKIES. We are always committed to constantly push the limits to the impossible. Our team of dedicated experts with years of experience within the industry, are always trying to improve the current services, introducing new and improved solutions, not only to meet the requirements of our customers, but also to exceed their expectations.


At VIPSKIES, we all share one common trait, it is loyalty. Our commitment to clients, colleagues and partners is firm and unhesitating. We do believe in long-lasting relationships, which are based on mutual trust and respect. What makes us different from other companies is that our goal is not just to meet people's expectations, but to constantly exceed them, making sure that every single interaction with our organization is smooth, positive and efficient.

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VIPSKIES story begins with a shared goal. It all started with four seasoned experts within the airline industry, each of them bringing at least 5 years of experience within the field, along with invaluable knowledge. The story is one of unity and ambition. We all come with a different background and set of qualities, however we all share a common purpose, making each travel experience smoother and more enjoyable.
We decided at one point to forge our own way. By learning from the pitfalls of our previous experiences, we have gathered all the tools needed in order to revolutionize air travel. The process of getting the perfect itinerary for your travel plans doesn't need to be a gruesome and time consuming task anymore. By just reaching out to one of our agents, you have all the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision in the palm of your arm.
Here at VIPSKIES, we want to make things differently. This company was born out of the desire to make something better and more accessible for our customers, and that is our guarantee to you.

5 Reasons to Make VIPSKIES Your Go-To Travel Supplier

Exclusive deals

Negotiated airfares with discounts of up to 70%*

24/7 Support

Dedicated cutomer service team available

Easy booking

User-friendly interface, hassle-free booking

Worldwide coverage

Fly Anywhere from Everywhere

Premium experience

Luxury travel make affordable

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Unique Journeys with VIPSKIES: Tailored Travel Experiences

At VIPSKIES, we strongly believe that every single trip is different, same as each passenger. We are bringing a whole different approach to planning your travel, combining the love for the industry and passion with the knowledge that helps us tailor every single inquiry to your specific tastes and desires.

We’ve got a wide range of services and products, so whether it is an airline ticket, a hotel booking or a tour package, we are here to help you 24/7. It is not just about the destination for us, but also about the whole experience, the stories you heard, places you visited, and building connections that last for a lifetime.

VIP Skies Travel Management Services Include

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Superior Service & Expertise in Travel Management

Your personal travel expert at VIPSKIES is always equipped with the latest insights into the airline industry, ensuring your journey is seamless from start to finish. We provide deals that redefine air travel, adding joy and satisfaction to your trips.

Commitment to Excellence & Detailed Care

Our VIPSKIES experts diligently customize your travel plans, prioritizing your preferences. We aim to surpass expectations, making your travel experiences unique and memorable, which is the cornerstone of our success.

Exclusive Deals with Exceptional Value

VIPSKIES offers an array of exclusive products, presented directly by our travel advisors. Gain access to unparalleled deals not available to the general public and enjoy premium flight benefits at the most competitive rates.

Personal Touch Over Automation

Bypass automated booking platforms with VIPSKIES, where real people are dedicated to understanding and fulfilling your travel needs. Our strong relationships with major airlines enable us to offer exceptional rates personally and legally, ensuring outstanding value.

Tailored Itineraries Across Multiple Airlines

VIPSKIES excels in custom planning and booking, extending beyond the search for the lowest round-trip fares. We adeptly combine one-way and round-trip flights from various airlines to ensure you receive unparalleled value for your investment.

Streamlined Corporate Travel Management

VIPSKIES simplifies and economizes regular business travel. Your personal travel manager is equipped to address every aspect of your corporate journey, providing specialized rates and ensuring a seamless travel experience.

Team of Seasoned Travel Professionals

We take immense pride in our VIPSKIES team, boasting over 20 years of experience in catering to the needs of our business and first-class clients. Our profound knowledge of the airline industry enables us to offer extensive expertise and skills.

Support Around the Clock

Our unparalleled customer service includes professional advice available even during weekends and holidays. With our complimentary after-hours support, immediate assistance for any unexpected changes is always at your fingertips.

Flexible Ticketing and Unmatched Price Assurance

Confident in our competitive pricing, VIPSKIES offers a 'Best Price Guarantee' along with additional discount vouchers. Our flexible fare options include free changes, cancellations, and credits with a wide range of airlines, enhancing your booking experience.
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01.We're IATA & TRUE Accredited


VIPSKIES, is a company that operates under the regulations of both IATA and TRUE. Being approved by IATA, means that we are always up to date with the current travel trends, and have the possibility to offer valid airline tickets at the best rates possible. Being accredited by TRUE, emphasizes our dedication to our customers. Choosing a flight with VIPSKIES, promises a tailored, smooth and efficient service, with attention to detail being the most important factor.

02.We're Impartial: Unbiased, Fair, and Equitable


At VIPSKIES, we're all about being fair. We make sure everything we do is guided by treating people equally. We're committed to giving fair solutions, listening to everyone, and respecting their opinions. Our focus on being neutral isn't just a rule; it's our guarantee to you.

03.We're Experts


At VIP Skies, our knowledge is your best travel resource. Our strong understanding of the industry and skill helps us serve our customers really well. We're proud to offer first-rate service, customizing every trip to fit your exact needs with attention to detail. Rely on our expertise for a smooth and outstanding travel experience.

How It Works?

Our travel specialists work with major airlines to offer discounted first and business class flights. Simply enter your destination and travel dates to book affordable business class flights with our experts.

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Why are VIPSKIES's fares different from other companies ?

At VIP Skies, we pick flights differently, focusing on what each traveler likes. We carefully choose each flight to match what you need, making sure your travel experience is just right for you.

When you book with VIP Skies, you're getting more than a business class ticket, you're getting a trip that's specially made for you. This makes our tickets special because of how personalized they are.

Personalized Travel Managers

Receive individualized assistance from our experienced travel agents, who will understand your requirements and provide customized solutions.

Exclusive Access to Private Fares

Benefit from the exclusive rates that our company can provide based on the relationship with major carriers and consolidators, ensuring the best value and exclusivity.

24/7 Customer Support

Enjoy a calming and smooth assistance, at any time of the day or night, ensuring that our help comes whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Innovative Ticket Protection Plan

Experience all flexible options with advantages like cancellation for any reason, free exchanges and round-the-clock support for mishandled baggage.

Comprehensive Itinerary Planning

We will handle any travel request, whether it is a simple one-way direct flight, or a 7 segment multi-destination trip, the attention to detail is everything for us.

Loyalty Rewards

Take advantage of our loyalty programs. We are constantly rewarding the trust of our customers, with exclusive deals and discounts for future travels.

Cost-Effective Luxury

Experience the magnificence of business or first class travels at the most competitive prices, maximizing the value of your investment.

Expertise in Luxury Travel

Leverage our team's deep understanding of the luxury travel market to ensure a travel experience that exceeds expectations.

Hassle-Free Booking Experience

Experience an easy booking process that's fast and convenient, from the first time you reach out to us until after your trip is over.

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Company information

We operate under the regulatory oversight of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in the United States (IATA code: 08602565)

How can I contact you?

You can contact us through our contact page.

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