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Fly Business Class with Delta Air Lines

Delta Airlines is often seen as the best among the major U.S. airlines, known for its high-quality service in all seating areas, including its premium Delta One cabin. In Delta One, passengers enjoy flat-bed seats, meals from famous chefs and luxury amenity kits, showing the carrier's choice of upscale brand partnerships.

Delta offers two options of premium seating: First Class for short or domestic flights, and business class or Delta One for long international flights. Unlike their long-haul product, the so called First Class usually doesn't have lie-flat seats, but just reclining ones.

The airline's network across the U.S. is extensive, and it also flies to six continents. It focuses on making its passengers' experiences better, which makes its customers and SkyMiles members very loyal. Delta is a key member of the SkyTeam alliance, working with about a dozen other airlines. Passengers can earn and use miles on these airlines, including KLM, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, and others. They also offer codeshare flights, allowing travelers to use multiple SkyTeam airlines on one ticket. Members of SkyTeam Elite Plus from other airlines get extra perks when flying with Delta business class, premium cabin, or even economy.

Airport Experience with Delta Air Lines Business Class

Besides the fact that Delta Air business class seats and cabin are top tier, they also have an amazing lounge within their main hub, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The SkyPriority service, which is available for passengers with business cabin and SkyMiles Elite members, gives the possibility to skip the lines for check-in, security, and boarding, just so that you can get to the lounge area faster. Delta’s Sky Club lounges are placed all over the U.S. airports, as well as some other places abroad. These relaxing areas have facilities like free Wi-Fi, bars with free drinks and work areas, with some even offering amenities like showers and spas. One of the features of their loyalty program is that they are offering the possibility to exchange their miles for expensive drinks like Dom Pérignon. Some of the lounges provide an outside area with free beverages so that you can watch the planes while having a drink before departure.

Delta Air Lines Business Class Cabin & Seat

Delta’s main fleet consists of Airbus A330s and A350s, Boeing 757s and 767-300/400s. All these aircrafts have the Delta One Cabin implemented, with slight differences in quality, since the aircrafts are being updated gradually. All seats are lie-flat with their trademark on each of them, but the characteristics depend on the type of cabin as well as aircraft.

The best Delta one experience can be enjoyed on Airbus A350s, featured by Delta One Suites and sliding doors that offer full privacy. Inside the cabin you can find a side table, USB and power ports as well as a TV screen. The Airbus A330, goes next into the list, specifically the 900 models. They have a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone layout, and are more suitable for those traveling with companions. This is because the divider for the middle row is only partial, which leaves the seat moderately open. Another advantage of planes like A330 or A350 is the provision of storage and air vent. This ensures passengers comfort and privacy during the whole trip.

Since not all planes were equipped with the new type of business class, there are still a couple of Airbus A350s with the old 2-2-2 configuration that were used on LATAM. These planes were redeveloped, but the seats were kept. The downside of this layout is that window passengers have to climb over the aisle ones, in order to be able to leave the seat.

In 2019, Delta's twenty-one 767-400s were upgraded to a modern Business Class with 34 lie-flat seats and a 1-2-1 layout. This newer Delta One product on the 767-400s is highly regarded in the luxury travel industry.

Delta Air Lines Business Class Cuisine

Delta’s in-flight service is renowned for its for it’s welcoming atmosphere, making it one of the best choices for long-haul international flights. The carrier collaborates with famous chefs and upscale caterers like Do & Co that are also popular for their work with other airlines like Turkish Airlines and Austrian Airlines.

By default, the experience begins with a simple aperitif brought by the flight attendant, accompanied by a ramekin of nuts. The carts on which the food and beverages are served, are the same as for the economy class, however they are covered with elegant cloth and, together with a great presentation, it totally fulfills the desire for a memorable experience.

The next step is a round of beverages using Alessi-designed trays, that come together with silverware made exclusively for Delta Airlines. On the tray, there's a plate with warm bread, a starter, a salad, and soup. The airline gives everyone the same choices for these first courses, and they describe them nicely in the printed menus.

The main dishes, which can be pre-ordered online, are served after the passengers are done with the appetizer. The choice for these meals typically include beef, pasta, seafood or poultry, and depending on the route, some of the food might be prepared by a local restaurant, as in Atlanta or New York. You can usually chose between a choice of 6-7 dishes, which is a wider selection than what most other North American airlines provide.

Once the passengers finish with the main dish, an exclusive two-tier dessert trolley comes in, with various cakes, ice-cream, fruits and cheeses. The dining experience ends with cordials, coffee, and tea.

For the passengers that often like a snack between meals, Delta has a snack basket available. On flights with a longer route, for example to Asia, the carrier has prepared a mid-flight snack, featuring a sandwich or salad. Shortly before landing, passengers are served with a pre-arrival meal, which depends on the time of the day and offers a choice between hot and cold dishes.

As all the other airlines, the airline accommodates the passengers with the possibility to pre-order special meals. These include but are not limited to vegetarian, low-calories, gluten-free, diabetic, vegan, seafood etc.

Delta Air Lines Business Class Beverages

Before the plane takes off, passengers are offered water, orange juice, or sparkling wine. Once in the air, there's a wider choice of drinks from the bar, like two kinds of white and red wines, port, different beers from around the world, and Canard-Duchêne Brut Cuvée Léonie Champagne.

There's also a variety of spirits and liqueurs, such as Woodford Reserve and Amarula, along with mixers, juices, sodas, Starbucks coffee, and tea. The available beverages might change based on where the flight is going. For example, flights to Asia might include sake or green tea.

Delta Air Lines Business Class Amenities

Before your flight, you can get a Tumi-brand kit with things like toothbrushes, lip balm, and lotion. You can even get your name on it for free at any Tumi store. This kit also has fancy socks, breath mints, and hand sanitizer. Delta gives you a big, super soft pillow and duvet from the Westin Hotels Heavenly Bed collection to use during your flight. Everyone gets these before the plane takes off. If you're flying to Asia, you also get slippers. If you're flying far with an infant, you can ask for a bassinet that attaches to the seat.