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Fly Business Class with Lufthansa

Lufthansa, Germany’s leading airline, is known for its genuine and high-quality travel services. Also, known for well-planned and spacious airport lounges combined with frequently bettering In-flight services, it guarantees an unforgettable and invaluable experience.

Since the carrier is a part of Star Alliance, members of any of its partner airlines can accrue and redeem miles on all Lufthansa flights, which can later on be checked directly on the official website of their loyalty program, Miles and More.

Some of Lufthansa’s most well-known partner airlines are; United Airlines, Air Canada, Brussels Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, TAP Air Portugal, Air India, Asiana Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Scandinavian Airlines and Eva Air.

The hubs for Lufthansa are Munich and Frankfurt. From these two airports they have direct flights to five continents. Lufthansa serves 17 domestic destinations and 194 international destinations in 72 countries. At the moment they have a fleet of 290 operational aircrafts.

Airport Experience with Lufthansa Business Class

As known worldwide, Germans are extremely punctual, and of course, the main German airline will do their best to offer a quick and simple check-in process for their passengers. Lufthansa has a separate check-in counter for business class passengers. If you have a business class ticket, the lounge access is included complimentary. Star Alliance Gold members can also check in at these desks. Even if the lines for economy and business class look the same, it is recommended that you check in at the special desk for upper class travelers, since the staff there is a lot more knowledgeable about things that Business Class travelers usually need assistance with, such as directions to the lounge of the airport they are leaving from or the one from the stopover city.

When it comes to Lufthansa air business class lounge experience, the airline has once again decided to go the extra mile. They have 14 lounges at the Frankfurt Airport and 12 at the Munich Airport.

Lufthansa has 3 types of lounges.

1. Business Class Lounge

2. Senator Lounge

3. First Class Lounge

The Senator Lounge is for Elite Senator members of the Lufthansa Miles & More program and Star Alliance members. This lounge type is upgraded compared to the regular business class lounge. The main difference is in the selection of food and drinks. In addition, in the Senator Lounge you’ll have access to coffees brewed by world class baristas.

Lufthansa Business Class Cabin & Seat

At the moment Lufthansa has 3 types of business class seats, with the newest one being called Allegris. It has a solid product on all types of their business class cabin. All 3 versions offer a lie-flat seat on long-haul flights. The 1st version is the most frequently used for long-haul flights, and considering the fact that the design is more than 10-year old, it showcases an example of timeless sophistication. Even if it does not offer a lot of privacy for solo passengers, when it comes to traveling with your partner it is very convenient.

The second version , which was introduced in 2022, has earned Lufthansa's 5 star rating. It is mostly available on Boeing 787-9 and Airbus A350-900, and now it comes with more privacy and an updated design. The colors of the seats and cabin are now entirely different.

Finally, the New Business Class, Lufthansa Allegris, will be available from Spring 2024, on the newly delivered Airbus A350-900. It comes with 7 different seat types, all with direct aisle access.

1. Suite

2. Extra Long Bed (7'2")

3. Privacy seat (Window seat)

4. Privacy Seat with Baby

5. Extra Space Seat

6. Double Seat

7. Classic Seat

All the above-mentioned seat types will be available on every airplane configuration, making sure that no matter what the passengers preferences are, they have the perfect seat for anyone.

Lufthansa Business Class Cuisine

Recently, Lufthansa raised the standard for its Business Class food service to be more on par with what you'd get in First Class. Instead of getting your food on trays, you get it on tables covered with linen, a setup which is synonymous to luxury. They also give you a lot of different meal choices on long flights, making sure that regardless of personal preferences, you will remain satisfied.

Another cool feature that Lufthansa has adapted is that they don't use food carts in the aisles anymore. Each flight attendant looks after a part of the cabin and personally brings the food straight from the kitchen, creating a feeling similar to being in a restaurant and not on a plane.

The meals start with a choice of drinks and nuts. Lufthansa uses large wine glasses, instead of the children-sized ones that seem to be all too prevalent on other airlines. Also, another nice touch is that they serve authentic German brewed beer in its actual bottle, which further enhances the taste and the freshness of the beverage.

Then comes the appetizers, salads, and warm bread, all served with separate plates, silverware, and even little salt and pepper shakers, right on the linen table. Every two months, they change the main dishes, offering things like beef, chicken, seafood, or pasta. They also have special meals for holidays, like guinea fowl for Christmas.

After the main meal, dessert is served. It is usually something sweet or a fruit and cheese plate, and some drinks to go with it. If you're busy or just want to relax, there's a quicker meal option with an appetizer, cheese, and dessert.

Before the plane lands, another full-course meal that fits the time of day is served, like breakfast or dinner. The whole meal thing is done in a way that's nice and relaxing, but also quick enough so you can sleep, work, or watch movies. On late flights or shorter overnight ones, meal service is kept short so you can sleep more.

For short night flights, Lufthansa unfortunately doesn't provide dining on demand through the night, however they usually have snacks in the kitchen that you can grab anytime. The crew will also save a meal for you for later if you ask.

You can check what's going to be on the menu for your flight on Lufthansa's website even months before you fly. They have special meals for different diets and religions, but you need to ask for these ahead of time. On flights to certain places, like India, they have local dishes, which oftentimes adhere to vegetarians requirements as well.

Another cool feature that families will appreciate is that Lufthansa also has a special kids' menu, made by chef Alexander Herrmann. You just have to book it a day before your flight in case you want that assigned.

Lufthansa Business Class Beverages

The beverage experience starts as soon as you board the plane, they offer a tray of welcome drinks which consists of water, juice or sparkling wine.

As a business class passenger, you have access to complimentary alcohol on your flight. Lufthansa's wine menu is quite impressive, offering a broad range of German whites and reds, alongside an international collection, some exquisite French Champagne, and of course some German beer. For those preferring something non-alcoholic or different, there's also a standard range of soft drinks and various spirits available.

Red Wines:

-2017 Clarendelle, Bordeaux AC, Clarence Dillon, France

-2022 Aussimento Double Pass Shiraz Byrne Vineyards, Australia

-2021 Obra Malbec Reserva, Bodega Septima, Argentina

White Wine and Rosé:

-2021 Riesling trocken, Weingut Kassner-Simon, Germany

-2021 La Estafeta Vendimia Selecionada Bodegas Fontana, Spain

-2022 Seelenblick Spätburgunder Rosé, Lergenmüller, Germany


-Bacardi Cuatro Rum

-Bombay Sapphire Gin

-Grey Goose Vodka

-Scheibel William Christ Pear Brandy

-Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey

-Dewar’s 12 Years Scotch Whisky

-Glenfiddich Cask Collection

Cognac Lhéraud VSOP

-Amaro Ramazzotti

-Kuemmerling German Bitter


Flights from and to Mexico

-Tequila Patrón Añejo

Lufthansa Business Class Amenities

When talking about amenities the first thing that comes to mind is the kit that you get from the airline. The business class on Lufthansa has more versions of their amenities kit, and on special occasions such as Oktoberfest or Easter, they can make a limited edition with a new design. Their amenity kit is similar to other companies, it has everything necessary (eye masks, socks, dental kits, different kinds of lotions, and lip balms). The headphones are above average, however, they don't have a Bluetooth connection, which might create some discomfort. On flights longer than 10 hours and 30 minutes, they provide sleeping shirts as well. The bedding is very comfortable, including a warm blanket and a pillow that is just perfect in size and softness.